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Shoora App Support

Welcome to Shoora App Support! We are here to assist you with any issues or inquiries regarding your app that is available on the App Store. Please review the information below for relevant support and guidance.

App Name: Shoora App
App Version: v1.0
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Login Credentials:

To better assist you, please provide the following login credentials associated with your app:

App Backend or CMS Access (If applicable):

URL or IP address of your backend or CMS
Admin username
Admin password
User Account Access (If applicable)

Username or email address associated with the user account Password for the user account Please note that the login credentials provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality and used solely for troubleshooting purposes. We recommend changing the passwords after we have completed the support process to maintain the security of your application.

Support Options:

FAQs and Documentation: Before contacting our support team, please visit our official website or documentation for frequently asked questions, troubleshooting guides, and user manuals related to your application.

Contacting Support: If you cannot find the solution to your issue in the provided resources, please reach out to our support team via the following channels:

Phone: +917874220852
Please include the following information when contacting us for support:

Detailed description of the issue or inquiry
Device model and operating system version
Our support team will strive to respond to your inquiries promptly and provide you with the best assistance possible.

App Updates and New Releases:

We continuously work to improve our application by releasing updates and new features. Please ensure that you have enabled automatic app updates on your device or regularly check for updates on the App Store to enjoy the latest enhancements.

We appreciate your support and valuable feedback as we aim to deliver an exceptional user experience with our application.

Thank you for choosing Shoora App. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and addressing any concerns promptly.

Note: For security reasons, we strongly advise against sharing any personal or sensitive information through our support channels.